Changing the landscape of downtown Edmonton

Located in the popular ICE District, Edmonton Tower features 27 floors of remarkable office and retail space.

Helping kick off the revitalization of the downtown core in 2016, our LEED certified building has become home to some major players, including the City of Edmonton.

Edmonton Tower combines distinctive high ceilings, interactive and collaborative spaces, and traditional office settings to create a modern atmosphere that reflects our city’s history. The main and second levels offer a range of dining and retailers for visitors and those working in the Tower, while its exceptional location makes it easy to access transit, including five Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations.

A part of Edmonton’s skyline, standing proudly among the city’s tallest structures.

A platinum commitment to the environment

Edmonton Tower is a sustainable space that inspires other buildings to do the same through its merited LEED Platinum Certified status.

Our building runs in an ecologically responsible way that reduces our impact on the environment while also lowering operating costs, and increasing tenant and visitor health, safety and comfort.




Sustainability features

Recycling and Waste Diversion Programs

Low Flow Water Features

Green Cleaning Program

LEED Platinum

Lighting Occupancy Sensors

Modern High-Speed Elevator

Tesla and EV Charging Stations

High Efficiency Lighting

Shaded Windows

Daylight Harvesting

BOMA BEST® Platinum




Fully access controlled building – controls the flow of people in and out of the building, and also controls the flow within and throughout the building’s public corridors and public elevators. The card access sub-system is designed to enable interaction with multiple tenant systems allowing the most flexibility possible.

Careful Measures

The tower utilizes a variety of security cameras and is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. These include occupancy sensors; light harvesting sensors; Co2 sensors; Park Eyes; and destination elevator dispatch technology, which uses advanced algorithms to optimize the flow of traffic within a multi-elevator building. These features ensure optimal operation and reduce energy consumption.


Crown Lighting

The lighting effect on the exterior of the building is an artistic reference to the aurora borealis, providing a distinguishing feature that makes Edmonton Tower stand out in the City skyline.

Car Finding Kiosk

Locate your vehicle by searching your license plate in the lobby. This technology allows you to search and find your vehicle as quickly as possible –  so you can forget about where you parked your vehicle.

Accessible and safe areas for all

Edmonton Tower was built to the highest standards and offers many accessibility features including, sloped ramps, power-assisted doors, elevators, ADA emergency signage and a security concierge to ensure a great experience for all tenants and visitors.


Edmonton Tower is managed by ONE Properties, a Canadian real estate investment, development and management firm.

ONE Properties stands out in the industry because of their integrity, collaboration and alignment to the communities they serve. The company sought out to create a valuable experience through quality service and modern design. The result: A place where everyone can come together for any purpose, any time.